Hi, my name is June. 
I was born in May :)

I'm from an Army background and have lived all over India and am from a city called Pune.

I have an MBA in Marketing and work in digital marketing. 
However, travel, fashion and writing are my passions so here I am!

There are two sides to me - when I'm not obsessing about fashion and shopping, I'm a total geek (computer stuff, video games and reading crap). I have also worked in data analytics and enjoy going through large chunks of data!

I am also a huge foodie and totally love cooking!

I also (strangely?) harbor an immense love for horror films and video games. I used to blog about them here till I shifted all my focus on this blog.

I love animals and have two adorable dogs 

No, that cow in the picture above is not my dog.

 I love traveling and am obsessed with beaches! I'm also a self-confessed party girl!

I think that's enough about me for now. But if you want to know more about me, check out 7 random facts about me and my 11 things tag answers

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